Copier repair service at home – Repair of copiers

Copier repair service at home – Repair of copiers in Hanoi. Almost now, the construction sites, large and small companies also have to have 1-2 copiers to use for printing needs and serving their work in the maximum way. During use, whether you are using an old or new machine, malfunction, or improper use of the machine leads to paper jams, wrinkled pages, failure to open or errors from humid weather. resulting in circuit failure, or more simply out of ink, must be repaired promptly. But this work, if not a technician, cannot be repaired. Because of understanding everyone’s hearts, Thanh Binh Co., Ltd. specializes in receiving photocopier repair services at home – Repairing copiers in Hanoi.


Common copier problems:

– Your copier is often jammed, paper jam, paper output a lot, does not print out in the paper tray, this is a very common case for the copier.
– When using the copier, all operations are still normal, but the top side is translucent, the bottom side is darker.
– The third error is in the case that the copier’s print has black stains across the paper size, black streaks, sometimes black dots …
– Each print of the copier has one of the following problems: blurring the whole page or a part of the page, uneven ink on the print.
– When the copier is in use, it has dark black streaks along the page.
– Some machines still have the problem When scanning in the copier, why the print scan is off-center.
– This is also a case of customer feedback if the copier error is full of waste ink
– Or maybe the copier indicates an error, turn off the power, restart the machine.
– This error is relatively heavy. When the photocopy of the copier still looks black, all documents are black
– This is the case if you haven’t cleaned the machine in a while, when the copier is clogged / jammed

Why should you use the copier milk service at home of Thanh Binh?

– Thanh Binh with a team of experienced technicians, highly skilled, responsible and constantly improving professional knowledge – will check, detect errors and repair office machines for you With the most professional process, ensuring the fastest fixes without interrupting your work. Our technical staff are available 24 / 24h ready to serve your needs promptly.
– When replacing components, we use the best genuine printer and copier components to replace for you. Because we are also a distributor of office machines, prestigious office machine components, so you will always feel assured and satisfied.
Our printer and photocopier refill techniques are very professional, the staff who ink the printer are technical experts. In addition to properly pouring ink according to the procedure, our staff are also very skillful so they do not drop ink during the pouring process, affecting the life of the Photo machine, damaging the machine.
In addition, we also provide services such as stationery, copier rental, printer ink refill and other office equipment.
If you are wondering where the service is? Come to Thanh Binh to feel the service quality, we believe Thanh Binh’s service will make you most satisfied.
For more information, please contact:
Head office: No. 18, Lane 2, Xa La Street, Phuc La Ward, Ha Dong District, Hanoi
Current address :: Area E – Lane 50 – Luong The Vinh – Thanh Xuan – Hanoi.
Phone: 024.3552 8580 – 024.6680 5842 – 098.232.4556
Website: & https://thanhb
Thanh Binh is very pleased to serve you!
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